Cardio Active Privacy Policy

New: We added Step Count and Elevation recording to your workouts.

Effective Date: July 10, 2020

Cardio Active is developed by Twin Cities App Dev LLC and is available on the US App Store®.

Information Collection and Use

We access different types of data to provide you the best experience. We will never ask permission to access more data than we need to record your workouts. The data we request to access and record includes calorie profile data, workout health data, workout location data, device and sensor data. We believe in full transparency and outline what data we record in detail below.

Calorie Profile Data

We read calorie profile information from the Health app to determine your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and standard metabolic equivalent (MET) values during a workout. These values are used to approximate your calorie expenditure. Your calorie profile is made up of the following information:

  • Date of Birth
  • Height
  • Sex
  • Weight

Workout Health Data

We associate workout health data samples generated by your device and our algorithms with your workouts when you record them. Workout health data includes:

  • Active Energy
  • Cycling Distance
  • Heart Rate
  • Resting Energy
  • Step Count
  • Walking + Running Distance
  • Workout Routes
  • Workouts

Workout Location Data

We use location-based data to plot your route and save it with your workout. We also use location-based data to help us detect the distance and speed of your workout. Workout location data includes:

  • GPS Location Data

Device & Sensor Data

  • Bluetooth Sensors
  • Elevation
  • Motion & Fitness

Consent Data

We record your consent to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for our records and yours. This is the only data that is saved in the cloud. For more details please contact us.

Information Sharing

Cardio Active uses the Health app on your iPhone to save, manage, and secure your workout and fitness data. We do not share any of your data with anyone, but enable you to do so as you see fit using the Health app.

Data Privacy, Security, and Retention

We believe in the right to privacy and security by design. That’s why we have chosen to save all of your workout and fitness data to the Health app. You’re in full control of data privacy through Health permissions. You can add, update, delete, or export your data at any time using the Health app. Your data will be encrypted on your device if you use a passcode. For more information about the Health app, visit

Analytics and Advertising

Cardio Active doesn’t provide any advertisements in our services. Analytics data will be provided to us if you grant your Apple device permission to share it with App Developers. More information on how to change your analytics settings can be found here:

If you participate in a Cardio Active TestFlight Beta, additional information may be collected on our behalf by Apple. For more information about TestFlight data collection, refer to Apple's TestFlight Terms of Service found here:

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

Cardio Active is built from the ground up with privacy in mind. As technology changes, so will our Privacy Policy. When updates are made to our Privacy Policy, you will be notified in the app. If you do not consent to the new Privacy Policy, discontinue use of the app. The latest version of the Privacy Policy is available at

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy. We may be reached at

Revision 3. Published July 1, 2020